UPDATED: 10/17/2021

We've had to make some very difficult, heartache decisions in order to move our breeding program forward and still keep our cats' wellbeing as our top focus.

As a result, we are accepting inquiries for placement of our retired adult RagaMuffins.

Please understand that it is very, very difficult for us to allow our cats to go to new homes so although their adoption fee is relatively minimal, our selection process is much more stringent and rigorous.

Our breeding cats are OUR PETS TOO! So we are very bonded to them. We want them HAPPY and for their every need to be met.
Unfortunately, after spaying or neutering, they don't always appreciate living in a cattery situation nor putting up with the 'catty' hormones that are always in the air.
What was their every day suddenly becomes too stressful mentally and isn't optimal for them.

The Muffins we offer as Retired Adults are those that are showing us that they'd rather not deal with rambunctious kittens running around or prefer to keep to just one buddy or themselves. Our home is no longer ideal for their mental wellbeing because as a cattery, we are a colony living situation.

We've found that placing our Retired Adults in homes where they can be adored and pampered as the only pet or with just one buddy works out best for them, regardless of how much we'd like them to stay with us.

For this reason, we make the difficult decision occasionally to find their perfect forever retirement home.

All of our Retired Adults are thoroughly genetically and physically tested to be sound of health and mind.
They range in age between 1.5-3 years old because we like to retire them by age 3 so they can just relax and enjoy their own lives as a pet too. They absolutely deserve the best retirement possible for the sacrifices and contributions to the RagaMuffin breed they've made. Being a breeding cat isn't fun and games and is hard on them in various ways. So we limit their careers to 3 years maximum, striving for 2 years most of the time.
They are both in personality & conformation the best of the best in our cattery and exemplify different aspects of our ideal RagaMuffin - which is why we've used them to contribute to our wonderful breed.
They are often Champion titled and those that aren't are usually because they are just big homebodies that don't like leaving the house. We never force a show career on our cats if they don't have the temperament that enjoys being away from home.
They have been treated like the Queens and Kings they are with every need not only met, but abundantly provided for with the best we can provide. They don't know what NEED means! lol!

We have only now decided who to find homes for our pets so please bear with us as we work to upload recent photos and provide descriptions of them.

BoomBoom has been an incredible and important foundational mom in our cattery. She is and will always be a legend for all that we've gone through together. She absolutely wants to be an only cat at this point, but would be willing to allow a canine subject to exist with her.

Hiccup is a beautiful, thick boned, odd eyed boy that's contributed significantly to our next generation. He's not annoyingly demanding but loves attention and being petted when you're ready and returns the affection with sweetness of his own. A great lap warmer that puts up with squishy hugs and cuddles but won't push others off to get on our laps. His undemanding nature results in him not always getting the attention he wants so he'd be best as an only cat or with just one buddy that's also undemanding. He's not neutered yet but will be soon.

If you think you may be the home and lap that one of our gorgeous, loving, treasured adult Muffins have been waiting for, please contact us for more information and the online link to our Adoption Questionnaire.
'Hiccup' - HiCountryCts Hiccup of MirrorMirror (retiring soon)