Poppy (Purrscription Litter) is a wonderful and gorgeous Patch Tabby and White female that we are, with great reluctance, releasing from our breeding program & offering as a pet to the perfect family for her.

At first glance it's her flashy beauty that catches your eye, but it's her personality & temperament that wins everyone's hearts. She's super sweet, wanting to be on our laps or in our arms, purring the day away. She loves being held, cradled, and carried around in any and every position while batting at our hair that hangs down or playing with toys or just stretching out her tummy for rubs.

Her ideal family would have someone at home most of the day because she needs her people around for attention all the time. That tummy and head aren't going to rub themselves! LOL! She needs another kitty buddy to play with when her people are too busy to sit still for her. She loves gentle children and follows our daughter around like a shadow, waiting for her to finally stop moving so she can hop up on her or to get involved with whatever fun play she's involved with. Poppy's her Huckleberry in everything!

Poppy has what we strive for in personality and temperament in our breeding program. Her little soul has absolutely been cut from what the RagaMuffin was meant to be. If only we could cookie cutter her into every kitten born here...

As a cattery we do not have the luxury of choosing to keep back kittens based on only personality or she would absolutely be staying. Personality is second only to health, but after that is still a long laundry list of requirements that need to be met to become a future Queen. Unfortunately, she does not carry the genetics for coloring we need at this time. We have been struggling to find a reason to keep her anyways because of her stellar temperament but as push comes to shove, we have decided to put her best interest first and let her live her life as a very pampered and spoiled pet instead of keeping her back as a breeding Queen backup.

She is one of our daughter's favorites, so we will be looking for a very cat-centric family that understands the value of a well bred lifetime companion that will give back more than is put in to her. Nothing but the best for her!

Please contact us for an Adoption Questionnaire to see if Poppy may have been waiting for you all this time!

UPDATED: 7/5/2020
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