Our RagaMuffin KITTEN adoption fees begin at $2500.

Our RagaMuffin RETIRED ADULT adoption fees begin at $600.  

UPDATED: 3/4/2024

Note: Due to rapidly rising costs involved in keeping our show/breeding cats and raising our kittens in optimal health and condition over the past year, and the forecast of continued inflation, we have unfortunately had to increase our adoption fees.

Adoption fees cover the following:

  • Pre-loved and spoiled kitten(s) accustomed to: snuggling in bed with us, usual household noises (vacuums, hair dryers, microwaves, tv, etc), handling by young children and men, other adult cats, large dogs, using scratching post/cat trees (not human furniture), litter box & carrier crate/stroller trained.
  • 2-3 vaccinations administered by our Veterinarian (as appropriate for age)
  • Minimum 2 vet checks for overall health as well as heart exam
  • Dewormed 2-3x 
  • 1-2 doses of Revolution Plus (additional deworming and flea/tick prevention) 
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Microchipped
  • RagaMuffins - registered in 1 or more of the following registries CFA, ACFA, GCCF
  • 3 generation pedigree provided, minimum
  • If your kitten has had any DNA testing done (many have as it is part of our own selection process), their personal result reports are provided
  • Parent's DNA test result reports provided (40+ heritable conditions) 
  • Parents' and ALL siblings have 2 kidneys 
  • Kitten Care & Tips Guide and New Muffin Shopping LIst
  • Lifetime Health Warranty for hereditary health conditions & 1 year limited warranty for birth defects and congenital conditions*
  • Lifetime assistance, support, and concern for your kitten with a network of other breeders to problem solve with

Transportation is not included in the adoption fees, but we are happy to help make arrangements. Meeting in person is always preferred and we are willing to drive within 10 miles of 45152 to meet with you in person; Unfortunately due to recent increases in fuel prices travel fees for non-local meetups will be applied at a rate of $.65/mile (minus the initial 10 miles included).

We do not ship kittens air cargo but if air travel is necessary, however we work with you for you to fly your kitten in cabin and meet you in person at either Cincinnati or Dayton airports to safely deliver them into your arms directly for a $65 fee to cover our gas and parking costs.  We are also more than happy to work with your choice of in-cabin pet flight nanny services that fly with ticketed flights, however we will no longer work with those that fly with Stand By ticketing only.

State Health Certificates, Rabies vaccination certificates, and vet visit needed for those items (if necessary) for airline travel are not included, but at cost.  These costs have continually changed in the 2 years so please ask for what they are if these are required.

Our kittens are raised in our home with us as part of our family. They start eating solids with a balanced raw diet and we then later introduce high animal protein content premium rehydrated freeze dried raw as their primary diet with high protein kibble available 24/7 for quick snacks between meals. We believe a solid, strong nutritional foundation is one of the most important factors in a healthy and happy life; so our contract does require our kittens to continue on a wet food (raw, rehydrated freeze dried raw, or high meat content canned) diet as their primary source of food with premium kibble available only for in between meals snacking (not their primary food). 

All of our parent cats are DNA tested clear for both Ragdoll and Maine Coon HCM, PKD, blood group and other conditions for a total of over 40 heritable conditions. We provide copies of the parents’ results with every kitten so that should any medical issues arise, your kitten can have the best chance of getting accurate treatment as quickly as possible by simply ruling out these 40 diseases they genetically can not be affected by.

All breeding cats are tested FELV/FIV negative, proBNP negative (heart conditions), and clear echocardiograms are confirmed on any cats with questionable test or exams. 

*We offer a lifetime warranty against development of any of these 40+ diseases and a 1 year limited warranty for other conditions as outlined in our kitten adoption contract.

We do require first right to take back our kittens or assist in re-homing if a situation arises where they need to find a new home and will always take one of our babies back, no exceptions. 

READ ONLY copies of our Deposit and Adoption Contracts are available for preview in links provided on our Adoption Questionnaire, as well as a more thorough outline of what the process looks like when you adopt your RagaMuffin from us.

Please contact us for an Adoption Questionnaire/Application if interested in bringing one of our RagaMuffins into your life.


I’m sure there are many other details that have been left out so if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!