All Authentic Ragamuffins are recognized by and accepted for registration in one or more of the following registries: ACFA, CFA, GCCF, WCF, CCC, or CCA. Each organization has a Standard of Perfection detailing exactly what a RagaMuffin should be and look like as well as the rules by which they may be bred.

MirrorMirror RagaMuffins has chosen to work under ACFA, CFA, and GCCF rules and breed to those Standards of Perfection.  Please find them by clicking on the links below.


ACFA - American Cat Fanciers Association, our historic registry (USA origin)

CFA - Cat Fanciers Association (USA origin)

GCCF - The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (UK origin)


CAUTION - TICA DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THE RAGAMUFFIN as an established, championship breed but due to technicalities, they will unfortunately register ANY cat, unknown origin mixed breed Domestic Cat, or Ragdoll mix as a RagaMuffin. None of these combinations of cats suddenly creates a RagaMuffin. Please read about the RagaMuffin History to better understand how our breed developed. Unscrupulous people have chosen to exploit this fact and the public's ignorance on the matter by selling "TICA registered RagaMuffins" on Hoobly, Craigslist, and other such sites advertising or stating that the kittens are 'registered' in TICA. Please read more on this topic on MessyBeast for a more in depth explanation. If still in doubt, feel free to search TICA's website for any mention of RagaMuffins - there are no pages for the RagaMuffin because they do not recognize our beloved breed.  Please do not be deceived by these backyard breeders and scammers if you are wanting a real RagaMuffin.  They truly are worth the search and wait.

The only way to assure you are getting an Authentic RagaMuffin is to verify that your kitten or cat comes with ACFA, CFA, GCCF, WCF, CCC, or CCA registration.