MirrorMirror is a registered RagaMuffin cattery in Good Standing with: 

  • ACFA
  • CFA - Breed Council Member, 2019-2021
  • GCCF
  • TICA* MirrorMirror is a registered Cattery with TICA to prevent further Fraud Attempts, however we do not provide TICA registrations with our kittens.

We are also a member in Good Standing with:

  • RBSG, RagaMuffin Breeders Study Group - group dedicated to keeping current on cat health, genetics, and breeding topics

Prior Associations:

  • RAG, RagaMuffin Associated Group - Official ACFA RagaMuffin cat club, historically original RagaMuffin club, club is currently inactive
  • RKUG, RagaMuffin Kittens United Group - Unofficial breed club, No longer and active club
  • TRKBS, The RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders Society - Unofficial RagaMuffin breed club, former member of the Board of Directors, no registry recognitions
  • RCF, RagaMuffin Cat Fanciers - official CFA RagaMuffin breed club
  • LH & SLH CC, The Longhair & Semi Longhair Cat Club - official GCCF cat club