RagaMuffin Breeder Friends

Please check out the fellow RagaMuffin breeders below that we have great relationships with if we can't find a good match for your family with our breeding plans - or just to see more beautiful Muffins!

All the listed catteries breed TRUE, AUTHENTIC RAGAMUFFINS

with pedigrees verified to trace back to the original ACFA Foundation Cats and further back to Ann Baker's original cats.


Benchmark - Wisconsin (WI)

GW Muffins - Missouri (MO)

Heavenly Muffins - Idaho (ID)

High Country Cats - Colorado (CO) 

Imperial Rags - South Dakota (SD)

LuvNMuffin - Georgia (GA)

Silver Linings - Indiana (IN)

SweetMuffins - S. Korea


Also check out RagaMuffin Cat Fancier's Breeder Listing for breeders as well as more information about our lovely breed!